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Cultural Grants 2017-2018 Round 2

This grant round has now closed. Submissions closed at 4:00PM 30 March 2018 (AWST).

Cultural Grants Guidelines

Through arts, heritage and culture we connect to our past and present and embrace the possibilities of our future. In this way, we develop deeper connections with each other, our community and the places we live.

The Cultural Grants program is a financial support program for organisations and individuals within the City of Cockburn.

Who can apply?

Cultural grants are available to:

  • Organisations that are based within the City of Cockburn and primarily serve the residents of Cockburn.
  • Organisations that will be working with a majority of Cockburn residents and can demonstrate a high level of community support.
  • Individuals who are residents of the City of Cockburn who have:
    • Been invited by the community and demonstrate community support for ‘Artist in the Community’ or ‘Telling Community Stories’ programs; or
    • Been selected as an ‘Artist in the Community’ outside of Cockburn may be considered on presentation of supporting documentation.
  • Individuals from outside the community who have been invited in by the Cockburn community to participate in ‘Artist in the Community’ or ‘Telling Community Stories’ programs may be considered on presentation of supporting documentation demonstrating a high level of community support.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the ability to manage financial affairs effectively.

Within the grant applications we will be looking for applications that:

  • Develop and nurture the skill base of the local community.
  • Develop and nurture the skill base of individual artists (in all art forms).
  • Express local culture and identity.

Applications are invited from not-for-profit community-managed groups, welfare, education, arts/cultural, youth, seniors, children, ethnic and related groups.

What can I apply for?

Cultural Grants can be used for a range of purposes including but not restricted to:

  • Events
  • Pilot programs across all art forms
  • Cultural and Heritage programs and activities
  • Workshops across all art forms
  • Residencies - local, regional and further afield

Cultural Grants need to embody one of the diverse art and cultural interests of the City of Cockburn through one of the following:

  • Artist in the Community Program
    • To assist community groups, organisations or schools (where there is currently no art specialist) with bringing in an artist from any arts discipline to develop and nurture the skills base of that group and the wider community.
    • To assist a local artist/s who has been invited as an artist in residence at a regional, interstate or international venue.
  • Celebrating Community Program
    • To celebrate place and local communities and express local culture and identity through festivals and events developed by local not for profit groups and organisations. These events will need to follow the Community Events guidelines when organising their event.
  • Creative Community Program
    • Development of activities and programs that promote community participation in cultural, creative and artistic activity that will develop and nurture the skill base of the community through expression of local culture and identity. May include but are not confined to:
      • Pilot Programs
      • Workshops
      • A collaborative approach or joint project between an artist and a community or cultural group.
  • Telling Community Stories Program
    • Supports projects that enhance an understanding of and interest in Cockburn’s heritage and social history for the benefit of current and future generations.
    • Supports development of community stories across a range of platforms including the written word and performance.

How much can I apply for?

The maximum funding available to any individual, group or organisation in the Cultural Grant category will not exceed $4,000, however grants will generally be approved for a lesser amount.

Applications that can demonstrate a financial or in-kind contribution will be considered favourably, as will those who source funding from other sources.

When can I apply?

Cultural Grant applications will be open each year in March and September. Funding rounds are advertised publicly in local newspapers, on the City’s website, in e-newsletters, and the Cockburn Soundings newsletter.

Closing dates are noted on the online application forms, and will be assessed and notified within two months of the outcome of the application.

Projects or events must not commence within two months of the application closing date, as funding cannot be awarded retrospectively.

Limitations and Conditions

  • The successful request for a Cultural Grant in any year does not imply any ongoing commitment of the same or similar contribution in following years.
  • Applicants must be based in the City of Cockburn or be able to demonstrate that you primarily serve the Cockburn community or looking to provide a service in Cockburn that will benefit the Cockburn community.
  • Applications from Schools, P&Cs, P&Fs and other educational institutions must be in accordance with Council Policy ACS7, and satisfy the following additional criteria:
    • There is an identified community need for the project or activity.
    • The project or activity is extra-curricular and accessible to the wider Cockburn community outside of school hours (clearly outside the Education Department’s area of responsibility).
    • There is a financial contribution of at least 50% or more to the project or activity.
  • Priority will be given to applicants who haven’t previously been funded.
  • Funding will not be provided:
    • Retrospectively for events or projects that have already occurred, or due to occur within two months’ of the application’s lodgment.
    • For any activity or event that will be divisive in communities by denigrating, excluding, or offending community groups.
    • If your activity or event may present a hazard to the community or environment.
    • If you have not acquitted any previous City of Cockburn funding.
    • To private organisations.
    • For entire cost of any project.
    • For ongoing or core organisation costs.
    • For personal items such as costumes, food consumables or catering costs.

Before you apply 

Please remember to contact the Cultural Development Coordinator on (08) 9411 3444 during business hours or email before proceeding with an application.


Please note: the closing dates fall on the Easter holiday long weekend, and we strongly encourage all applicants to have started their applications well in advance of this time. The office will be unattended for all funding enquiries from 4pm on Thursday 29 March 2018.


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